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Dec 5, 2011 5:30pm EST
the weekend former penn state coach jerry sandusky spoke out again. he still maintains he's innocent. when asked whether or not he's sexually attracted to children, sandusky struggled to come up with an answer. eventually he said he's attracted to young people but his attorney had to clarify that he's attracted to spending time with children but not in a sexual way. the next step is a preliminary hearing. one of the accusers is expected to be a witness. >> a local attorney who represents one of the alleged victims of jerry sandusky spoke out about what he calls sandusky's attempts to mennize allegations -- minimize allegations against him. a 24-year-old man is victim six who attended dinner at sandusky's house this past march. victim six went to his moghtser in 1998 after sandusky admitted to showering with her son. >> what's behind that is an effort to, again, let's go down that influence road. let's go down that manipulation road and we can look at what his lawyers have done in connection with this. they are pointing to it to say, look, he attended a denar with me. what is that suggestin
Dec 8, 2011 5:30pm EST
>>> a day after he was arrested following accusations of two new victims, jerry sandusky is home. >>> the race to the republican presidential nomination seems to be getting nastier. who's taking most of the heat and which of the candidates are fighting back. >>> aside from having someone to share a laugh with when someone as too much eggnog at the company party, the benefits of having someone to share it with. >>> jerry sandusky is once again out of jail. roosevelt leftwich joins us with the latest. >> reporter: sandusky faces more than 50 charges stemming from the horrific allegations of sexual abuse. he is charged with molesting two young boys he met through his second mile association. >> jerry is always willing. we've made it known. >> reporter: victim nine claims sandusky specifically told him to stay in the room. he say the meals in the basement and the food would be brought to him by sandusky. it raised questions about what sandusky's wife dottie knew about the alleged molestations. victim nine said he was 10 to 12 years old during the attacks and said he saw sandusky's wi
Dec 12, 2011 5:30pm EST
to figure out who she was. >>> former pool -- penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky is headed for coach. the main witness, who claimed to have seen sandusky abuse a boy in the shower, has changed his story. >> awfully frigid. look at some of the lows, 16. 20s in the city. tonight we'll see upper 20s, less in the way of teens. most of us in the 30s falling towards freezing in frederick. take a look across the state, a few clouds blowing in but no precipitation. we stay dry tonight, which is go.d any precip we get would be of the wintry variety. could be rain out there. that's coming up. >>> we've been through black friday and cyber monday. now another holiday shopping milestone. today has been dubbed green monday. that's because online sales are expected to hit more than $1 billion and also expected to be the busiest day in history for fedex. we got a firsthand look at all the shipping action. >> reporter: the boxes have been packed. now they're ready to be shipped. it's being called their busiest day in history with online shopping sales expected to hit more than $1 billion. fedex expec
Dec 16, 2011 5:30pm EST
reporting what graduate statute mike mcqueary told them about jerry sandusky. sandusky said he's innocent of the more than 50 charges, all sexual assault charges over a 12-year span. >>> a cold case is being reopened by the fbi in hopes of catching a killer and rapist. d.c. police are sending out sketches of the potomac river rapist. he's the suspect in eight rapes and one murder a $25,000 reward is being offered. >>> more legal troubles now for the annapolis man accused of scamming local schools. abc2 news was the first to tell you about criminal charges filed against joseph gill in queen anne's. a new charge has been filed after hearing from a pta group. they paid hundreds for gill to bring in an athlete but he couldn't deliver. dozens of local schools have made similar claims. >>> weather byes, clouds have thickened up. take a look. first, out to the west, you see a few showers towards garrett county and quite a bit of rain. it looks like a lot of this will stay to our south but as we check the radar, you can see decent weather to the south. it's down to the southern areas where you do
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4